Why NACPro+

Prevention is Key to Better Health

Before they considered developing a natural defense supplement, Drs. Liu and Ma met at Loma Linda University, and developed a life-long friendship. Though they have different styles in how they practice what they were taught in medicine, they have always valued,  respected, and complemented each other’s unique  views on healthcare. 

Dr. Liu is a consulting physician who specializes in infectious diseases. Analytical and precise, she is conservatively scientific and exacting in everything she does. Moreover, she is a valuable resource to colleagues and peers who require precision in healthcare. 

Dr. Ma is a medical director who oversees two nursing homes and co-founded a family care clinic that provides healthcare to underserved families in East Los Angeles. Open-minded and giving, she strives to provide quality care to anyone who needs it. 

Despite their diametrically differing styles in their practice of healthcare, they both strive to provide better care for their patients. And despite coming at it from different perspectives, they have both arrived at the same conclusion: prevention is key to a higher quality of life.