How Shah-Yee Took Back Her Life

How Shah-Yee Took Back Her Life

Like many others, Shah-Yee Mojica has been trying to make the best of the last two years spent at home, away from family and friends. “My little ones had been around, and of course my husband and I worked overtime to keep each other sane, but I had really been missing spending time with the rest of my community,” Shah-Yee, a mother of three, explains. 

“It started off great at first. Don’t get me wrong – there were times when one of the kids would get frustrated that they couldn’t see their friends, or my husband and I bumped into each other one too many times while trying to manage an avalanche of calls. But we made the best of it and joked about, ‘Oh, that’s what mom does for a living!’”

But after the initial “newness” of everyone being at home wore out and the inevitable drudgery of a constantly online family dragged on, Shah-Yee admitted to feeling “really sluggish and tired.” She initially chalked it up to a bit of cabin fever, so she and her husband decided going outside and doing more outdoor activities, like hiking as a family, might help. 

Shah-Yee mentioned that the very first trip was great, but she reported feeling incredibly tired when she got home. She concluded that trying to get her kids online daily for e-learning, managing an entire family at home’s meals, on top of juggling two hectic Work-From-Home schedules was simply sapping her of her strength. 

“I love my family and have cherished the time I was spending with them, but I didn’t have the energy to do some of the most basic things and started skipping little tasks, just so I could get through the day and go through the motions of getting the ‘must-do’ things, done.” 

It wasn’t until she spoke to a close acquaintance and decided to try a new immunity supplement – which she incidentally admitted learning afterwards was developed by two doctors – is where she felt like everything quickly began changing for the better. 

Within three days, Shah-Yee explains she felt as if “a mental haze seemed to have been lifted. I suddenly felt like myself again. I could do two things at once without feeling exhausted. Simple things that I thought I didn’t have time for were finally getting done again. It wasn’t that I was tired or couldn’t keep up – I realized that the real me was being hidden away behind a “brain fog” that I didn’t even recognize was there.” 

After this revelatory change, Shah Yee’s friend connected her with more information about the vitamins, minerals and botanicals within the immunity supplement. Many people are reporting feeling tired or depressed and even the World Health Organization is emphasizing the importance of safeguarding one’s health and combatting the effects of fatigue from the past two extraordinary years.  

“Good nutrition is a fundamental part of optimizing your immunity,” says Dr. Jia-Yia Liu, double-board certified infectious diseases and internal medicine physician and co-founder of NACPro+. “Immunity is the foundation of good health, and I advise all of my patients to ‘Eat Their Colors’ to ensure their bodies are getting everything they need.” 

Shah-Yee can attest to the importance of realizing that something may be missing and how one can function better with the right nutritional strategy. 

“I am so glad that I decided to try NACPro+. I feel energetic again. I am able to get my work done, play with my kids and everything is perfect at home again… Well, maybe not perfect – but I have the energy and focus to make it shine again,” Shah-Yee says. “I am so thankful to feel like me again, so I can enjoy the time with my children and not dread taking on the ‘little things,’ so it takes over and ruins my day.” 

NACPro+ is filled with 22 ingredients, designed by Drs. Liu and Ma to optimize immunity. Key ingredients, such as NAC, Palmitoylethanolamide and Vitamin D are just a few examples of how the doctors carefully formulated the supplement to optimize cellular function, which has the added benefit of supporting immunity, energy and overall health. 

Recent studies on vitamins stress the importance of speaking to a doctor to ensure you are not deficient. NPR reports that there is promise in some vitamins helping with immunity, “We don't know really what the ideal levels are for immune function. Depending on your skin tone and racial background or genetic background, there are very, very different needs, so this is an area that desperately needs more data.”

Developed by an infectious disease medical doctor and a primary care physician to support fellow healthcare workers, NACPro+ is a patent-pending immunity-boosting supplement. NACPro+ is specifically formulated to include a powerful collection of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to synergistically fortify immune health, enhance cellular function, improve energy & mental clarity and optimize respiratory health & total body wellness.

Because health and wellness are of paramount importance to the doctors, they have carefully chosen a completely organic, GMO-free and vegan-friendly supply chain. And because immunity is top of mind for so many people right now, the company is working with suppliers to produce high-quality sachets at volume. That is why the company is looking to get NACPro+ into the hands of as many people as possible to keep as many Americans as healthy and safe as possible, during these challenging times. 

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