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Why NACPro+ Had To Be Created

Two Doctors with a Shared Passion for Health and Divergent Views on Medicine

On March 26, 2020, Drs. Liu and Ma faced an unprecedented situation. The United States officially became the hardest hit country in the world, with at least 81,321 confirmed infections and more than 1,000 deaths. At the time, both were private practice physicians at major Los Angeles medical centers.

Both doctors knew PPE is vital as a first layer of defense against infectious disease. To further protect themselves, each independently developed their own list of Personal Protective Nutrients:

Dr. Liu,

being an infectious disease expert, specifically formulated her supplement to optimize the immune system to combat environmental stressors which could cause acute and persistent discomfort

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Dr. Ma,

a family care specialist who has served low-income and geriatric at risk patients for decades, created her formulation to help bolster and keep compromised and undernourished immune systems strong..

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Each doctor has decades of clinical experience and knowledge in different fields of medicine. Fundamentally however, Drs. Liu and Ma both understand the power of the human immune system and agree that a healthy body is key to bolstering our primary defense. Though they approached the problem from different perspectives, both agree healthy lifestyles are clearly linked to a stronger immune system.

Each doctor attributes NACPro+, diet, exercise and sleep habits in addition to the use of PPE, to their continued good health.

Drs. Liu and Ma are now racing to train their colleagues and make NACPro+ available to as many people as possible to optimize our own immune systems.

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