How This Teen Used Her Diet to Fix Her Acne

How This Teen Used Her Diet to Fix Her Acne

5am - Wake up.

6am - Get the kids ready.

7am - Fight traffic and drop the kids off at school.

10am - 2pm - Shop for groceries, pick up her son's saxophone and buy new soccer cleats for the week, done.

3pm - 6pm - Pick up the kids and shuttle them to dance, soccer and swim practice.

7pm - Dinner? No time to cook? Drive-thru it is then. 

Autumn has always seen herself as a mom, so following a set schedule to get the kids ready everyday and off to where they need to be has never been a problem. Convincing the kids to do the right thing however? She's always seen that as more of an art form than an exact science. 

"My family is all about routines. The kids love having their morning cereals. Soccer and swim practice are things they look forward to. Having the kids get their homework done can be a chore at times, but nothing is as tough as getting my kids to eat their vegetables." 

Partially, Autumn attributes the reluctance to eat greens and fruits to the fact that they can be hard to prep and cook, especially when compared to ready-to-go snacks and boxed foods. But her oldest daughter's love for fast food has grown into something more than just a reliance on convenience. 

"Violet has never been one for salads, greens or vegetables. It's always been a struggle to get her to right, even when she was younger," Autumn explains. "But trying to keep track of her diet in high school... Between after school activities and hanging out with friends, I only see her for dinner on most days, so her diet is not something I can influence much anymore and it's honestly not my first worry for her." 

Like most American teenagers however, there is one thing that gets Violet to take time out of her busy social and school life to seek out advice from her mom.

"For the last year, Violet has particularly struggled with pimples. It didn't start off too bad when she first hit puberty, but for the last year, it's become increasingly worse." 

Autumn had always seen pimples as being a result of clogged pores and she taught Violet to treat them as such when she saw her daughter experience her first breakout. 

"Violet is a total neat freak, so it was never hard to convince her to soap her face and keep it extra clean. We bought every type of oil cleanser, makeup remover and oil blotter under the sun, but her pimples kept getting progressively worse over the last year. What's worse was most of her pimples would develop into the painful type of zits that would be an angry red and hurt to touch. I felt horrible for her, especially since I never had these issues when I was her age." 

Autumn elaborates on when Violet first saw a change to this painful ordeal, "I had started taking NACPro+ as a daily immunity supplement for my own health. Violet saw me taking these supplements, and given everything she was dealing with at her high school over the last year, she decided to start taking it as well. What surprised us was how Violet saw an almost immediate change to her skin." 

Within two weeks of taking NACPro+, Violet's skin began clearing up. 

"I had never thought of pimples of being a form of inflammation, but after researching the primary causes of pimples, it all began making sense. Violet's lack of vegetables in her diet and the type of angry, red welts she would get on her face became clear forms of inflammatory outbreaks that were a reaction to her unbalanced diet." 

After seeing the results of taking NACPro+ Autumn reports that her daughter has become a lot more receptive to eating right. 

"Violet is still not a huge fan of salads or greens, but after seeing how the ingredients of NACPro+ worked for her skin, she's been a lot more open to eating fruits and other types of vegetables. I think it just took a really visible form of inflammation to get her to stop and realize what she had been putting into her body every time she ate fast food with her friends or grabbed a quick bite after practice." 


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