Why Less is More, When it Comes to Your Health 

Why Less is More, When it Comes to Your Health 

It may seem obvious that vitamins and nutrients are essential to a healthy diet, but judging from the continued growth of our bellies, the message has not been coming through clear enough. 

Granola bars, dried fruits, and the array of flavored nuts sound good for you in theory, but offer too many simple carbohydrates that your body can’t process in large amounts. In terms of convenient and easy to carry foods, it is important to understand that less is more, when it comes to your health. 

Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

If your life is full of constant, short sprints from one hunting ground to another, then eating nuts, berries, and meats would give you the right type of energy to fuel you through your day. However, modern life is akin to a marathon. We live 9-to-5 work lives, which carry into the hectic schedules of our home lives. And even though our modern lives are busier than ever, 1 in every 3 adults still don’t get enough sleep

In fact, even knowing that a salad should be enough to keep us healthy, only 1 out of every 10 Americans eat enough fruits and vegetables to meet the minimum daily allowance. And while we think a salad a day should keep the doctor away, in reality because leafy greens give a smaller amount of the nutrients a person needs to be healthy, the salads we should be eating become almost comically unachievable in real life. 

That’s Why Less is More, When it Comes to the PPN Effect

Vegetables and fruits (in that order) need to be a part of your daily diet. Unfortunately, no meal replacement drink or packaged good is going to deliver all the fiber, complex carbohydrates, protein, and fats your body needs, all-in-one convenient little package. 

The PPN Effect

Instead, you should be viewing supplements as a way to cover the gaps in your nutrition. Our doctors have carefully formulated NACPro+ to achieve the PPN Effect and address common dietary gaps to ensure your body functions, optimally.

NACPro+ selectively supplements your body naturally, with just the right amount of the nutrients, so your body functions the way nature intended. This ensures you don't receive too much vitamin A, selenium, magnesium, or zinc, but you still benefit from their synergistic effects. This way, your cells are fueled to optimize your energy and properly balance your immunity. With NACPro+ you will feel better everyday; even when you’re in a rush and can’t eat your full allotment of fruits and vegetables. 




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